18 Jan 2022

Affiliate programs popular in February


Christmas gatherings, gifts, and creatives are now over. But fun goes on. February is going to bring a bunch of major events and opportunities for unleashing the imagination and generating more traffic.

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Here are the events a publisher’s February will be made of:

Important! Always pay attention to the affiliate programs’ geography. This text mostly covers worldwide programs but does include some region-specific programs. You’ll be able to spot them by region tags. For instance, ES indicates Spain, IN means India, PL is for Poland, US concerns the United States, and so on.

Valentine’s Day

The international lovers’ day shares the importance chart with the New Year and Halloween. You might want to start warming up the audience beforehand. Prepare some relevant content (e.g., “20 original Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved woman”, “Best Valentine’s Day gifts for sports enthusiasts”, “Your significant other will love these gadgets”), launch email newsletters with selections of the best offers, and design catchy banners. 

Websites like Dribbble, Pinterest, and Pixabay will help you source more ideas:

Dribble’s holiday design items

Some will buy handy little things, while others will be ready to empty their pockets for something more significant. In the US, for example, the average check for Valentine’s Day gifts amounts to $142. 

Focus on audiences with different purchasing power, advertising cheaper cosmetics to some users, and elite jewelry to the others. And don’t forget that gifts are given not just by men to women, but also by women to men, and women to women. This is a purely gender-free holiday.

We suggest that you target the following categories above all:


This pre-fast period has different names in different countries but falls on the same calendar days: late February and early March. In CIS states, this holiday is called Maslenitsa. Germans call it Fasching. Titled Shrove Tuesday in the UK and some European countries, this holiday is always accompanied by traditional carnivals.

Pancakes and flapjacks with various fillers, doughnuts, friend and family gatherings, the last chance to treat oneself before fasting, you name it. Maslenitsa and its variations come with a lot of fun and purchases.

These categories are to see high demand:


Health items constitute a large and powerful category that meets its best time in winter. And it becomes as relevant as never before in late winter, when the cold has already damaged people’s immune systems.

Several factors shape the profit in this niche, among which are the pandemic, growing numbers of sickness cases after the holidays, trend for healthy lifestyle and consciousness, and New Year promises (losing weight, getting healthier, etc.). Depending on what urges your target users to buy, use some of these stimuli in your creatives and content marketing tactics. 

Another advantage of the health and beauty segment is its width. Diversity of users, diversity of demanded products, diversity of categories. Here are some examples:

  • Sportswear and gear. By the way, sales start in the middle of December and reach the summit in February, when distributors have to sell the winter collections. Try to find discounts and coupons. People love them (Yousporty, Nike, Kappa UK, New Balance US).
  • Doctor’s consultations, healthcare, mental therapy. Not only are these services demanded today, but they are also available online (Pharmacy2u).
  • Drug delivery (Loreto Gallo, Onnit).
  • Healthy food, delivery of healthy products and sets (My Protein FR, Vital Proteins UK, Freshly US).
  • The Winter Olympics in Beijing starts on February 4. This is a sound reason to encourage users to take up winter sports. As for those not being sports enthusiasts, they can be offered food delivery so they can bite some snacks in front of their TVs.

Country-specific programs

Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 1, and not only in China. This is the time of small and not always expensive gifts, mainly in red packages. Another reason for a gathering. 

Super Bowl 2022, a grand event for all football fans, is coming on February 13. Reach football connoisseurs with accessories and food delivery.

February 2 is Groundhog Day, mainly celebrated in the US. Little things and delicacies will be great options.

Family Day is celebrated in Canada on the 21st day of February this year. Laylat al-Raghaib, or the Night of Wishes, is celebrated by Muslims on February 3 and 4. It’s customary to give gifts, especially to children.

Programs: Adorama, Best Buy US, Onnit US, Geekbuying, PatPat, Tatuum PL, Lovelysholwsale.

We wish you non-freezing traffic flows!

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