16 Mar 2022

Affiliate programs popular in April

affiliate programs

Traditionally in mid-spring, people are in the market for clothing and footwear, prepare their cars and country houses, celebrate Easter and Earth Day. Life goes on; we work, we shop, we promote wholesome products.

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The new issue of the Academy’s monthly digest presents this April’s most promising niches and programs, seasoned with a business model and traffic source tips.


Catholic and Protestant Easter falls on April 17 this year. Let’s ponder what gifts people will present to each other. Here are some ideas: dishes, confectionery, tea, toys, accessories, interior stuff, souvenirs, textile, DIY sets, candles.

There are lots of options. What niche you should pick, as well as which products you should promote, depends on your target audience. For instance, art and hobby sets are best for DIY communities (moreover, you can retarget members of such communities with social media ads). On a food aficionados’ website, deploy some ads of edible gifts and specialty products. If your users are busy people who are short on time to spend on scanning shelves for gifts, offer them gift sets.

Here’s another tip. Study trends and search queries using tools like Google Trends. They can help you find out that people often seek something exclusive, handmade, or for a particular recipient (kids, parents, spouse). These insights will generate a load of ideas for targeted ads, creatives, and selling content.

Among other top categories during Easter are edible products. Drive traffic to supermarkets and food delivery services.

Programs: Hotel Chocolat US, Buyagift UK, Americanas, Pyszne PL, Ubereats PL, Geekbuying, Toyzz shop.  

Spring outfit upgrades

Starting in April, stores launch sales for summer collections of apparel, shoes, and accessories. Discounts and deals are not only the mass market thing: you can find some among premium brands.

Pay attention to the leading brands in the region where you promote your products; study the demand for particular names in your country. And don’t forget about promo codes, coupons, and cashback to provide consumers with even more value.  

Retargeting is a great tool in this context. Pick users who have already shopped around and added some items to the cart but haven’t made it to the order. The original price might have disappointed them, but when there’s a sale, they may change their mind. Just remind them of their near purchases.

Programs: Bellylily, Macy’s, Paver’s UK, PatPat, Simmi, Fairyseason, Turnbull & Asser, Dressily.

Online services

Mid-spring is the time for spring cleaning in homes and offices. People are going to approach special services or freelance specialists. 

Online education is also in the spotlight: students keep cramming, and adults want to master new self-development skills. Internet counseling, telemedicine, food and drugs delivery, and communication services meet a ready market.

Programs: FutureLearn, edX, Coursera, Pharmacy2U, Netmeds Web IN, Sanicare DE, McDonalds IN

Earth Day

Earth Day

This is a small but important event. People around the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22. It’s a great reason to invoke consciousness and remind people of how important it is to care about the environment. Channel traffic to eco-friendly products and goods.  

Programs: Superfoods online NL, Garden of life UK, Wiltshire Farm Foods UK, Earth Hero US, Wild Natural Deodorant UK, iHerb, ShytoBuy.

Summer preps

April comes with elevated demand for summer tires, eliciting tough competition in the market. Bet on reliable manufacturers and quality products, attract consumers with deals, bonuses, and discounts.

Tire replacement is not the only spring concern for drivers. Diagnostics, washing, oil change, engine checkup, accessories, and electronics are what is always in car enthusiasts’ heads. 

Also, take into account the region where you’re working. Check weather forecasts to figure out when people will start their inter-season preparation.

Gardeners are going to be tied up, as well. Fertilizing trees, protecting them against pests, planting—spring is the time for all these chores. And people will need chemicals, tools, and materials to revamp their interior and exterior.

Programs: Gardening Direct UK, Geekbuying, Fernsnpetals, Banggood, Tyre Shopper UK.


Ramadan starts on April 2 for all Muslims. People are especially generous at the end of the month and in early May, but most are used to buying gifts beforehand. 

Books, gift sets, confectionery, delicacies, apparel, jewelry, toys, dishes, and household goods are the most relevant categories during Ramadan.

Programs: AliExpress, Shein, DHgate, Adorama, Lovelysholwsale.

We wish you good mental health and productivity!

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