16 Dec 2021

Affiliate programs popular in January


Though January is a post-holiday period, you don’t want to let your guard down. The first month of the year traditionally brings many profit-promising events that you can (and should!) drive traffic to.

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In January 2022, we’re likely to spend a lot of time at home. Because of that, we have some great ideas about niches and business models that can bring publishers lots of benefits (first and foremost, money).

We’ve highlighted three major January events and split them into several narrower niches.

Important! Always pay attention to the affiliate programs’ geography. This text mostly covers worldwide programs but does include some region-specific programs. You’ll be able to spot them by region tags. For instance, ES indicates Spain, IN means India, PL is for Poland, US concerns the United States, and so on.

Home leisure

One of the best-selling categories of the recent months is household goods. And it’s not just the pandemic that shapes this demand. People just aren’t eager to stay outside for too long in the winter.

We won’t tell you about blankets, cozy furniture, or kitchen gadgets. Instead, we’ll share some insights into low-key products that consumers will buy in January.

First and foremost, those are entertainment options, including subscriptions to e-reading and streaming services and video games (both online and PC). And don’t forget about hobbies, like board games, books, art kits, DIY projects, and more.

Programs: Bedfolk UK, Bloomscape US, Cox&Cox UK, RugsUSA, vidaXL US, Bodum, Own3D.TV, Warframe, Eneba, World of warships, World of tanks, AbeBooks, Star Stable.

But it’s not just about entertainment. January is the time when people start fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions to improve themselves, advance in their careers, or start doing something new and useful. So, direct your attention to online fitness services and learning platforms.

By the way, slogans about a new life and opportunities can be a good trick for ads and banners. And, as always, be sure to use evergreen motivational content. A safe option would be a collection like “The Top 10 courses people who want to learn a foreign language in the new year.”

Programs: edX, Babbel UK, FutureLearn, Temple Spa UK, Onnit US, Harappa Edu IN, Portal Educaco.

Food and grocery delivery sees demand, featuring supermarket meal kits, fast food, ready-made meals. Last but not least, there’s no holiday without good wine!

Programs: Red Rickshaw, Freshly US, McDonalds IN, Uber Eats PL, Artwinery UA, Vinho Facil, Garden of Life.

The main holiday for Orthodox Christians (and everyone who loves to have fun and give and receive presents) in January is Christmas. This warm, friendly, family holiday encourages buying gifts, and that’s just what consumers will do.

Here are our best gift ideas: kids’ toys, books, home decor, gadgets, and hobby kits (which are especially relevant today since lots of people have become homebodies, whether they want to or not), dishware, clothes, and jewelry. You can promote everything through theme stores or marketplaces.

When designing your content and creatives and setting up targeted and contextual ads, focus on your target audience, keeping in mind its interests, solvency, and demographics. For instance, it’s not the best idea to promote expensive high-tech toys in communities of stay-at-home moms. Likewise, you don’t want to advertise household stuff on a website for party people. 

Programs: Adorama, AbeBooks, PatPat, Lovelywholesale, Geekbuying, DHgate, Garden of life, Bodum, Lightinthebox, AliExpress.

Major sales

January is the month of sales for seasonal apparel, shoes, and accessories. Fashion-inspired people know that and can’t wait for this period to start.

We hope you’ve invested enough in your website’s SEO. But if you see too little organic traffic, don’t delay: generate more traffic with helpful content. Offer some winter outfits collections or tell users where they could find goods at better prices and compare prices.

Don’t forget about mobile search traffic. Many people will lie on their couches and shop with their devices.

Programs: Kenzo, Tally Weijl, Gentleherd, Macy’s, Standout UK, Ivorse, Komily, Gant UK, The Luxury Closet, Boutiquefeel, Bellelily, Gap EU, Timberland IT.  

Other e-commerce market segments also join the January sales fest. Electronics, health and beauty products, and sports gear (particularly skis and snowboards) see good demand. 

Look for special landing pages and banners for sales in the affiliate program catalog (the “Ad media” section in an advertiser offer’s card).

Programs: Logitech, Dino PC UK, Drop, AliExpress, DHgate, Banggood, Foreo US CA, Yousporty, Dyson IT.

Country-specific programs

Remember local events and celebrations across the globe.

For example, January 17 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. It’s an official federal holiday and a great time for sales. That means it’s a good reason for festive gatherings and gifts.

In India, January 26 is Republic Day. Tu Bishvat, the New Year of Trees, is celebrated in Israel on January 16-17. In Europe, January 6 is Epiphany. You can use these holidays as traffic generation events. 

Programs: Neiman Marcus US, Best Buy US, Banggood, Shein, DHGate, Rakuten FR, Yeppon IT, Zivame IN.

May you enter 2022 full of energy and new profit-generating ideas!

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