15 Jul 2021

Affiliate programs popular in August 2021

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August is going to be hot: not only outside but also in traffic flows. “Sleepy” consumers are demonstrating higher activity; niches of products and services are getting to the earlier parameters. And COVID-19 is not going to prevent publishers from earning.

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In the last month of summer, we will mine traffic across various segments: school stuff, gadgets, electronics, apparel and shoes, wedding goods, outdoor goods, pet products…

Important! Always watch the geography of affiliate programs. This text mainly comprises worldwide programs, but there are still some programs for specific regions. You can recognize them by region tags. For instance, ES for Spain, IN for India, PL for Poland, US for the US, etc.

School, study, and studentship

August clearly implies that a lot of sales are going to come to the vertical of school goods. Therefore, publishers can confidently await gaining—just because in the US, Europe, and many other regions, schoolchildren and students get back to their desks and auditoriums in August-September.

So, we see that all study items are demanded, including stationery, uniforms (sports and school uniforms), comfortable furniture for studying at home, backpacks and bags, books, online tutors and courses, gadgets (New laptop models usually come out in August, so keep an eye on presentations). 

Seek traffic on thematic forums and on social media; generate helpful content. Safe formats are reviews, selections (and TOP ratings), checklists, product and price comparisons. Encourage users to start buying stuff now, until the fuzz reaches its climax.

Remember that competition between publishers is very high in this niche—just like in any seasonal segment. It’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd: invoke catchy creatives or generous discount offers. 

From August 16 to September 10, Admitad hosts a festival for publishers titled Back to school, offering boosted rates and coupons. You can find the participating programs in the affiliate program catalog using the related filter.

Students return to their universities, which means they will need household items for comfortable dorm living. Promote bed sheets, towels, bath and kitchen supplies in relation to the new academic year.

Programs: Skip Hop, Book Depository IL, Skillshare, Coursera, Panda UK, Bedfolk UK, PatPat, Preply, MyTrendyPhone EU, Tu.com ES, Macy’s, Abebooks, AliExpress.

Country holiday season

August is the last month of the country holiday season. Camping and outdoor leisure are in full play; on the other hand, people may want to start preparations for colder times. Gardeners are overwhelmed with work: harvesting, preparing conserved foods, drying vegetables and fruit, planting seedlings, cleaning up plants and preparing them for fall and winter, pest control, and so forth.

As you may guess, people are going to spend a good amount of time in the countryside. And they need building materials—a category exceptionally popular in August that comprises garden furniture, plants, BBQ goods, outdoor sports gadgets, and many others. 

Programs: Gardening Direct UK, Priceline, Geekbuying, Private Sport Shop PL, Fernsnpetals, vidaXL US, Banggood.


Mid-August for most brands is the dusk of a fashionable spring-summer season and a switch to newer, autumn concepts. And it’s expected that previous-season accessories, clothes, and shoes will go off the shelves at bargain prices. 

Remind users of that! Prepare some content and creatives with price comparisons—to gain more traffic. Invite them to buy summer and swimming apparel for the next season at a favorable price. 

Apart from that, AliExpress holds major sales in August: use them to warm up before those grand events in November. Brands Shopping Week and Millions of Deals will be your best friends. Keep watch over announcements on the AliExpress official website.

Programs: Yoins, Gant UK, Simmi, The Luxury Closet, Boutiquefeel, Knowfashionstyle, Luisaviorama, Kenzo, Ivorse, Lovelywholesale, Footshop, Answear BG, Ralph Lauren IT, GAP EU.

Other occasions

More events, great and various! August 26 is International Dog Day; the official day of their biological challengers, cats, is celebrated on August 8. If it’s not a great reason to motivate consumers to please their pets, we don’t know what is.

Demand for appliances, TV sets, GPUs, and washing machines sees a resurrection in late summer. August, by the way, is the peak month in terms of “buy a fridge” queries. 

From August 15 to September 30, Admitad hosts the Online Services Marathon. Look for programs that participate in the affiliate program catalog.

At the other end of the spectrum, car accessories enjoy very little interest in August, sharing this grief with the travel industry.

Programs: Alamy, Surfshark, Kwork, Tails.com UK, Lenovo, Logitech, DinoPc UK, GearBest, GeekMall IT, Yeppon IT.

Events by country

On August 15, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated in Europe; in most regions, this is a day off. People will celebrate it with their important ones, gather together at a festive table. Thus, traffic will come to gifts, food and groceries delivery.

This year, Qixi Festival, a Chinese alternative to Valentine’s Day, falls on August 14. Prompt consumers to make some gifts to their beloved ones: flowers, toys, confectionery, accessories, jewelry, perfumery, and gadgets.  

On August 8, Father’s day is celebrated in Brazil. Remind users that they need to buy some heartwarming gifts for their important people.

India meets a bunch of holidays in August, including Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, and Onam—just a multitude of great events and causes for adorable purchases.

Programs: Romwe US, Neiman Marcus US, The Bouqs, Banggood, Wish, AliExpress, Americanas, AliBaba, Magzter IN.

May August be a hot month for traffic acquisition!

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