24 Nov 2020

Affiliate programs popular in December. Christmas sales and more


Christmas is the main holiday of the year in terms of revenues. Even if some people are indifferent to this holiday, they will still have to buy and get gifts, no matter what. Traditions are traditions. What does all this mean to you, dear publishers? There will be a chance to make money, and we will tell you how.

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This Christmas will be kind of different because of the pandemic, so you may not want to be guided by the previous years’ statistics. However, we suggest that you don’t get upset and still try to find new opportunities and traffic sources. And here are the verticals we will send giftseekers and curious customers to this December.

Important! Always pay attention to the GEOs which your affiliate programs target. For this article, we have chosen countries from the WW (worldwide) category: Europe, USA, India. However, some programs have prefixes that help you determine which country the program belongs to (for example, It for Italy, Pl for Poland, In for India).

Holiday preparations

Among us, there are lots of people who prepare their homes for the holiday at the very last moment. On the other hand, we all know people who are really into planning and buying everything beforehand. This means advertising Christmas stuff in advance may be a very good idea. 

Starting late November, people decorate their apartments and homes. What is our primary interest? X-Mas trees, decorations, illumination, souvenirs. All such products can be sold at retail or wholesale. The latter option, for instance, could work for organizations who have decided to decorate the office premises for those few non-remote workers; and for hotel and villa owners. Don’t forget to set up advertising in a different way for wholesale and retail customers: these target audiences have unique specifics, caveats, and nuances. 

We recommend that you employ contextual and targeted advertising and make sure your ads look eye-catching and fancy. Your best allies in content projects will be SEO optimization (e.g. appropriate keywords) and relevant texts (how to choose an X-Mas tree, how to save on decorating the house for Christmas).

Another niche that enjoys high demand is groceries and food delivery. Due to the challenging economic situation, people have been saving for the whole year and can now afford going crazy a bit. Focus on delivery of peculiar and elite products and more general, Christmas-related foods.

Besides, people will need holiday costumes: most primarily, ladies want glorious apparel.

Programs: Freshly US, Society6, QualityFood AE, Romwe US, Rakuten FR, Mobly BR, Yoox, theBAR BR, Banana Republic US, Lululemon US.


Long live good content for gift-seeking customers! In texts and email newsletters, tell people what and to whom to give, emphasizing everyone-would-like-that presents. For instance, electronics and gadgets are very safe offers. And also cosmetics, personal care products.

Speaking of electronics, December is the peak time for TV and console sales. In the meantime, very few people buy fridges this month.

Gift coupons and certificates (not for offline activities this year, as you may guess), and video congratulations messages can also be fair options.

Programs: Casetify, Drop, BestBuy US, Sunsky, Geekbuying, DHgate, Strawberrynet, iHerb, Shein, Natura BR, Abebooks, Yeppon IT.

Holiday accommodation & recreation

We are advised to stay home on Christmas and after-Christmas days. Well, it does stack up in view of the COVID fuss. But everybody wants celebrations and holiday vibes. One of the most secure options is to not leave anywhere too far from home and rent accommodation out in the country and spend the holidays with the family there. This is why booking services see higher demand than in previous years.

Small villas, luxurious swimming-pool-inside houses, hotel rooms — every audience segment will find an offer that would fit in their budget and meet their expectations. People are ready to spend money they could not spend on long-distance traveling, so earnings in this vertical are going to be considerable.

Programs: BookVIP, NH-Hotels, Booking.com, Radisson, Priceline, Lastminute (UK, IT, US, DE). 

Winter sports

Traveling is still barely available, so people have to find ways to entertain themselves during holidays. Winter sports can be a great leisure option — particularly for children whose parents would like to engage their offsprings in some out-of-home activities. 

So drive traffic to stores selling skis, skates, sledges, snow scooters, snowboards, and protective equipment. Home exercisers are still desirable. But be careful with warm clothes: people might have already bought some.

Programs: Private Sport Shop FR, Yousporty, Go-sport PL, AliExpress.

Country-specific programs

USA, UK, Europe

Green Monday, Black Friday’s little brother, falls on December 14 this year. Citizens of the US, UK, and some European countries will meet pre-Christmas sales. Pay special attention to eBay’s program: it was eBay who initiated Green Monday.

Programs: eBay, BestBuy US, Macy’s.


On December 6, Catholics celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Europeans love and celebrate this holiday, and children love it even more as they get most of the presents.

Programs: Casetify, Drop, Sunsky, Banggood, Geekbuying, DHgate, Shein.


This year, Hanukkah is celebrated from December 10 to 18. Festive dishes, decorations, and gifts are already on people’s checklists.

Programs: Zolpo IL, Ivory IL, Lovelywholesale.


In December, China hosts something similar to 11.11: the 12.12 sale. Again, thousands of brands and online stores are in. 

Programs: Aliexpress, AliBaba.

Work hard before the holidays and have a great rest during them!

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