17 Mar 2021

Affiliate programs popular in April


With April comes the full force of spring, warm days, and new events. And with any worthwhile event come profit opportunities—for publishers who can materialize them.

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We got a bundle of verticals, products, and services to drive traffic to at the zenith of spring, and dressed our collection with some business models and creative recommendations.

Important! Always watch the geography of affiliate programs. This text mainly comprises worldwide programs, but there are still some programs for specific regions. You can recognize them by region tags. For instance, ES for Spain, IN for India, PL for Poland, US for the US, etc.


This year, Catholic Easter falls on April 4. Heads up for food and groceries delivery: Lent ends, and festive activities begin. Speaking of foods to promote during pre-Easter days, consider confectionery. 

Also, offer users some Easter gifts, such as textiles, fancy dishes, toys, and handmade souvenirs. Content promotion is the best option for the latter ones. For example, collections like “TOP 10 Easter Gifts” can do.

The Gifts and Flowers category is a Klondike in April. People buy candles and accessories designed as toy animals (rabbits, chicken), and they can make great visuals for your creatives.

Programs: Freshly US, Bodum, MyTrendyPhone EU, Rugs USA, Quality food AE, Hunkemoller, Americanas, DHGate, AliExpress.

Summer vacations approaching

Coronavirus keeps frustrating the planet, but a few countries can breathe freely already. Germany and Austria are lifting the restrictions, and Turkey partly finishes the lockdown period as well. Vaccination is in full swing in the US, and the situation is recovering in Switzerland and Israel.

This means it’s time to blueprint the summer vacation!

Try retargeting users who have already checked out some tours but have bought nothing yet. Remind them that tickets and bookings fly off, and prices rise—and they need to make a decision quick.

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind. This year, people are likely to choose places they can reach by car rather than air.

Research your target audience’s interests and tailor your ads and programs to people’s preferences. And don’t forget the audience’s solvency: it would be a bad idea to tell mid-class users about a premium-level tour.

Programs: Italia rail, Marriott International, NH-Hotels, Priceline, Vegas, Travelist PL, QEEQ, Alamo US, Booking.com, Go2See, Maxmilhas.

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports win more attention as roads get dry and temperatures rise. As the weather turns pleasant, people start spending more time outside their homes. Drive traffic not just to short-term sports entertainment gear (e.g. roller skates, bicycles, scooters), but also to hitchhiking, fishing, and other stuff.

Demand for teens’ and young schoolchildren’s sports equipment surges up in April, accompanied by higher interest in sports clothes. People often look for children’s athletic footwear.

Programs: Lululemon US, Obe Fitness US CA, Adidas BR, Adidas ID, Nike, Private Sport Shop FR, Macy’s, Go-Sport PL.

Spring upgrades (for yourself and your surroundings)

This section encompasses a few product categories that share the common goal, spring refurbishing.

For starters, April is when people buy home and garden things, including furniture, gardening gear, building materials, greenhouses, and fertilizers. Spring tempts to freshen the home interior; on the other hand, it’s warm enough to revamp the exterior.

Secondly, spring is the time for big cleaning. Cleaning companies and products, as well as service marketplaces, are going to harvest a good deal of traffic. 

Lastly, people want to renew their closet, especially in view of the apparel and accessories sales that traditionally take place in spring. Remind people about discounts and deals in your creatives and use coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers for bestsellers. 

Programs: Wish, Shein, Lovelywholesale, Coltortiboutique, Myntra In, Old Navy US, Desigual PL, Geekbuying, Fernsnpetals, Snipes, Boutiquefeel, Knowfashionstyle.

A bit more events

April 7 is the World Health Day, which is a great chance to lead traffic to beauty and self-care products, as well as medical services (including online), and pharmacies. Invite people to book a massage course or undergo a medical checkup.

April 25 is when the most prominent cinematography figures receive the Oscars. It would be a nice idea to prepare some catchy creatives and drive traffic to movie theater ticket services and online streaming services.

April 22 is Earth Day, the day when people across the globe show their care for our precious planet. You can get in on the ground floor: offer people some eco-friendly things or healthy food.

Programs: Foodspring, Freshly US, Every Health UK, Bath&Body Works, Freshtohome IN, Banggood, Aaptiv, Hunkemoller, Mfine IN, PeersTV, Derma Co IN.

Events by country

Koningsdag or King’s Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, celebrated on 27 April. Food delivery services, flowers and gifts will be your best friends.

In Israel, April 15 is Independence Day, another reason for festive activities and related promotions.

Ramadan starts on April 12 for Muslims and MENA states in general. Gain inspiration from collections like this one or create truly unique ones and drive traffic to the relevant categories.

Programs: Ivory IL, Zolpo IL, AliExpress, Ounass AE SA, Desertcart, Amazon AE, Amazon SA

Get ready to greet warm days and heavy traffic in April!

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