22 Feb 2019

New tool for publishers "Unique promo code"

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Admitad has released a new tool for publishers — “Unique promo code”. In this article we are examining why they are unique, what type of publishers will benefit and how the actions will be tracked with the help of such promo codes.

Affiliate links play an essential role in affiliate marketing because they are used to attach cookie files to the user in order to track the source of the target action. But at the same time, not all sources with high-quality traffic can be monetized through affiliate links. For instance, Instagram doesn’t provide an opportunity to place links in the posts descriptions, YouTube channels viewers can simply ignore the video description, and it’s almost impossible to turn offline traffic into online, especially using affiliate networks.

The tool “Unique promo code” provides a solution for the traffic types which cannot be monetized using classic tools. Here is the concept of the solution: a publisher obtains a personal promo code (no one else has it), and if a user indicates this promo code while making a purchase, the publisher gets paid for this order — the same as if this user clicked on the affiliate link.

Now let’s take a closer look at the principles of this tool.

How does it work?

As we have already mentioned, the concept of works is simple:

1. A publisher requests to receive the toolUnique promo code”. The publisher should indicate the link to the ad space and a brief description of placement possibilities in the request. All requests are accumulated in Admitad.

2. An Admitad advertiser (who possesses the technical capability to implement this tool) reviews the list of publishers who requested to get this tool and selects which publishers are the most relevant for it.

3. The advertiser generates a promo code personally for each selected publisher. This promo code gives a nice bonus to the customers like a discount for purchase, free shipping, a gift additionally to the order or something else. Each publisher gets a unique promo code, thus no matter from which traffic source a customer proceeded, the promo code will show which publisher has actually attracted this customer.

4. The publisher receives the promo code and uses it within the time specified by the advertiser. Promo codes can be both not limited in time or coincide with a particular deal.

Who will find it useful?

Here is a short list of business models and ad spaces for which this tool is the most relevant at the moment.

      Instagram accounts. This ad space is one of the most attractive for affiliate marketing as there is much high-quality traffic and few possibilities to monetize it using CPA model. Publishers cannot place clickable links in the descriptions of photos and, moreover, Facebook makes it almost impossible to set targeting with affiliate links in stories or timeline. The only thing left is the link in the bio but it is inefficient if a publisher wants to earn much.

Unique promo codes partly solve the issue with promoting affiliate programs. The clickable link isn’t necessary anymore. A publisher can indicate the promo code in the post description, place it right on the image or share it in Stories. Users interested in the promoted product/service will visit the advertiser’s website and make a purcha se using the unique promo code, and Admitad will track which publisher attracted the customer through Instagram.

      YouTube-channels. Clearly, the users who watch the videos on this worldwide video hosting usually don’t want to read texts, that is why video descriptions (especially long ones) can be ignored by them. In order to increase the number of users clicking on the affiliate link to visit the advertiser’s website, YouTube vlogger can both place an affiliate link in the video description and also mention aloud the promo code in the video. The word of mouth can do a good job in this case — people use the promo code and tell their friends about it. Even if a customer didn’t see the video with promo code, but used it while making the order, the publisher will get the reward for this purchase.

      Offline. The promo code can be shared in any way: announced at the conference or master class, printed in the magazines, brochures, bills and so on. But the main requirement is that a publisher should explain that the bonus will be received providing that customers buy from the online shop (not from the offline store).

How does attribution work?

If a customer uses a promo code while making the order, the purchase will be automatically assumed attracted by the publisher who received this promo code even if this customer proceeded to the website through a paid advertising source (for example, by clicking on the contextual ad placed by the advertiser or on an affiliate link of another publisher).

This is caused by the fact that the unique promo codes are the main motivation to purchase because the customer visits website only after receiving the unique promo code. That’s why the orders made using the promo codes are considered to be a priority over all other traffic sources (including paid ones).

This aspect is especially importan for publishers who attract customers through cashback. They should warn their users that if they use promo codes, they won’t get the cashback (even if they activated it and clicked on the affiliate link). It is better to warn the audience in advance to prevent negative reaction.

Benefits for publishers

There are several advantages of this tool:

      It is easy for a publisher to post advertising content as there is no need to provide an affiliate link. A promo code can be printed on anything, announced verbally, placed on an image or in the video — in any case, the order will be tracked.

      The income will increase because of fraud prevention. The tool “Unique promo code” prevents dishonest publishers from cookie stuffing simply because there is no need in cookies anymore.  The attribution is carried out by promo code, and it doesn’t matter anymore which link the user clicked on.

      The issue of lost orders, when users switch from one device to another, is also resolved because it doesn’t matter where the promo code was seen and then which device was used for making the purchase.

      Possibility to get viral. If you create a flashmob using the promo code or motivate users to share it with their friends, the effect from word of mouth will help you to earn much more.

      Collaboration with a famous brand will increase the status of publisher’s ad space, especially if a publisher gets a name promo code: users consider it to be a sign of channel quality because brands care about their reputation and are always attentive when choosing partners (publishers).

What about advertisers? This tool lets advertisers reach new audiences provided by access to new traffic sources.

How to get it?

You will find the necessary information about the tool and step-by-step instruction on how to request it in the article “Unique promo code”. You will also find out how to use statistics in the publisher’s account in order to track actions performed with the help of promo code.

Good luck!

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  • Rana

    I think its better than other, very easy way for generate commission.

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    Thanks. Great information….

  • Rita Gaupp

    I am trying to confirm that I have been accepted as an Admitad affiliate! I received a rejection email before my website was complete. Now my site is complete and my store is open for business.
    How do i know if I am or am not accepted????
    Please reply.
    Thank you!
    Rita A Gaupp

    • Admitad Academy

      Hello Rita! If you are trying to sign up for Admitad, please, watch this video to get tips.
      If you tried to join an affiliate program but an advertiser didn’t accept, please text our support team and explain the problem, they will do their best to help you. Here is how you can create a ticket: https://youtu.be/-y_-n1XcLRc
      We wish you a productive day!

  • Hamadahar44

    أنا محمد سعدي من مصر واريد الانضمام للشركة

    • Admitad Academy

      أهلا وسهلا بالصديق محمد السعدي.
      يمكنك الانضمام إلى شبكة “أدميتاد” ومباشر العمل عبر الترويج للعروض الموجودة داخل الشبكة والحصول على عمولة على كل حالة مبيع. وكل ما عليك فعله هو التسجيل من خلال الرابط التالي https://www.admitad.com/en/webmaster/
      يوما سعيدا.

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  • Seven Things

    Nice way, This is gonna increase the website income and will help gain more traffic.

  • DealzHack

    Hi There
    Is it monthly, weekly or never Expire ?

    • Admitad Academy

      Hi! The lifetime of a promo code depends on the limits which each advertiser sets. You will be able to find it out when you get the promo code.

      • DealzHack.com

        Ok Thanks Admitad Academy!