8 Feb 2022

Increasing Your Website’s Visibility Through Content Writing


Have you ever thought about whether your site reaches out to people the way you expect from it? The best way to figure this out is to check the ranking of your website on search engine result pages against different keywords related to its niche. If it fails to appear in the top search results, your website undoubtedly lacks something.

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There are some critical elements you need to focus on to make your site more visible. Amongst those key elements, content comes on the top. You need to make sure that the content you are serving to your audience through your website is clear, unique, and relevant.

Besides satisfying the audience, you also need to ensure that your content is addressing the needs of search engine algorithms that are more focused on quality content these days. From time to time, these algorithms have become more advanced and come with Artificial Intelligence. 

These AI-based algorithms are specifically designed to appreciate sites that offer fresh, relevant, and clear content. In order to ensure these must-have characteristics of content, your copywriters or content creators should use tools such as a plagiarism checker.

If your website is continuously failing to rank up in Google or any other search engine’s top search results, you may need to revise your content creation strategy. Here we have listed down some useful tips to help you increase the visibility of your website through content writing. 

Research-based Writing

The first and foremost thing you need to do while writing content for your site is to make sure that every single word you write down in order to publish it on your website is backed with proper research. 

This research involves figuring out who exactly your audience is and finding the topics in your niche that are not discussed yet, and you are sure that these topics will surely interest your audience. 

The following methods will serve you in conducting successful topic/niche research. 

  • Using Third Party Tools to Identify Competitors (Ahrefs, Semrush, Serpstat, SECockpit, Moz)
  • Analyze Competitor Top Content

While thoroughly researching a topic, you’ll surely be able to avoid the offense of plagiarism. However, it’s still crucial to use a plagiarism checker, as unintentional plagiarism can still occur in your content.

Once you find a worthy topic, it’s time to gather relevant keywords, note-worthy stats, and URLs of reliable sources to make your content rich with precise information. 

Pro Tip: Use an advanced keyword finder for keyword research. So that you can find exact keywords to your needs. Best Recommended is Google Keyword Planner and services we’ve mentioned above.

Using this practice will not only help your site fulfill the needs of your audience and make conversions, but also increase the site visibility in search engines.

An Attention-Grabbing Title

The first thing a reader will notice is the title of your article, blog, or whatever type of content you are working on. Therefore, you need to make sure that your title is attractive and relevant to the content as well. It should feature the keyword organically and create a proper sense. 

For example here is a title engraving the keywords that are being searched on Google. 

Keyword: Personification Examples

The above-mentioned characteristics will make the title and consequently your content read-worthy. The inclusion of keywords in the title will help you shape the metadata of the link in a way admired by search engines. All these properties will ultimately make your website content more visible in Google and other search engines.

Metadata is data that provides additional information regarding a topic. However, it will not be a part of the original content but will be shown in the results of search engine reports so that after reading the title user can get more interesting information than would be in the content if I click on the link.   

You shouldn’t replicate a title from any other source, as it will also be charged under the act of plagiarism. In this regard, a plagiarism checker will help you out even if a single phrase is copied from a previously published article over the web.

Formulate Your Content Around Keywords

Once you are done with research and a catchy title, now is the time to write clear and relevant content. However, while writing content, you need to make sure that the content is intended to make your site more visible on search engines. The most effective way to ensure high visibility of your content is the strategic use of keywords. This is only possible when you formulate your content around your keywords.

The following tips will help you perform exquisite keyword research:

  • Examine keyword selection of your competitors’ (this is how you can do it)
  • Take assistance from search engines (start typing your search query to get suggestions from Google)
  • Try researching your market and niche, see what people are writing about your product in social media or forums
  • Use the services we’ve mentioned above

Building your content around keywords doesn’t mean that you need to stuff your content with keywords and make it totally irrelevant to the topic. Search engine algorithms will quickly identify it, and your website may fall further in terms of search engine rankings because of keyword stuffing. Therefore, make sure that you are using keywords in such a way that the quality of your content doesn’t get affected.

Your content should be written with an objective to help the readers and answer their queries in the most fruitful manner. The content should be useful to the audience and greatly visible to search engines. You should embed keywords in your content in a seamless manner that should sound like an integral part of the content to the readers and search engines alike.

Example: finding the position of a keyword on Google becomes a no-uphill task with an advanced Keyword Rank Checker.  In this sentence “Keyword Rank Checker” is keywords and it is embedded naturally.

Failing to do so will not only affect the visibility of your website, but the content will be of no use to a majority of your readers.

Check for Plagiarism

As we already mentioned, search engines appreciate fresh content and tend to rank sites with unique content higher. If you want your site to be more visible in search engine results, you need to make sure that it features unique, plagiarism-free content.

Sometimes your content becomes a victim of accidental plagiarism. 

What accidental plagiarism is? If some sentences get matched with any other already published content but the writer didn’t copy them intentionally then it will be considered as accidental plagiarism. However, the consequences of accidental plagiarism are severe, just like any other type of plagiarism.  

Still, Google and other search engines have strict regulations against plagiarized content. Your site may get penalized because of accidental plagiarism. Make sure you check plagiarism in your content before publishing it on your website. 

The Internet is full of online plagiarism checkers, you can use any reliable and free plagiarism tool to check for the plagiarism of your content. However, the perfect text fits to be 100% unique and written according to the lingual rules.

While there are many other methods to increase your site visibility in search engines, the most effective way is offering high-quality fresh, clear, and relevant content through your website.

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