17 Jul 2019

Back to school time

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We continue our monthly topic about seasonal traffic and in this article we are discussing which affiliate programs it will be profitable to promote during “back to school time”.

We cannot say much about August. On the one hand, it is a calm month when gardeners start harvesting and people keep repairing their homes. But on the other hand, it is a month when a huge sale begins — back to school.

Although there are some parents who still prefer to stand in queues and try to buy everything in offline stores, others have found a much simpler way — buy everything online and have it delivered to their houses.

  • School uniforms or not. Many brands offer classic clothes like cardigans, pullovers, trousers, skirts which can be used as school uniforms. Create selections of stores where parents can buy uniforms which are not only of high-quality but also at a relatively low price, for example. Check out the affiliate program category: Clothing&Shoes and Kids Shops.
  • School bags, backpacks, lunch bags, etc. Сhoose bright ones with popular characters which children might like. Pay special attention to the “healthy” aspects of the bags, which will help children not to harm their spine. Find the options in the category Accessories and Clothing&Shoes.
  • Stationery supplies and books. Pencils, pens, notebooks, textbooks and other supplies which will be necessary for school. And if you provide promo codes for discounts, the users will prefer to buy everything online instead of going to an offline store. You can find relevant programs in the category Books.
  • Study zone. Desks, chairs, lamps and other furniture which kids can use to study effectively will be also in demand. All these can be found in the category Household appliances & Electronics and Furniture & Home Decor
  • Useful gadgets. Small but powerful laptops and tablets can help students get rid of heavy bags and improve their efficiency. So try to drive traffic to such devices emphasizing their strengths. The whole variety of products can be found in the category Household appliances & Electronics

These categories will be in demand during August and at the beginning of September, so make sure to get your ad space ready and add enough advertising materials.

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