25 Sep 2020

Affiliate programs popular in October


Spring and summer 2020 happened to be quite unnatural in terms of traffic arbitrage. The pandemic disrupted the current of events but also brought new opportunities. And, we should make use of the chances given and continue to make forecasts. We will tell you about programs that — as we are convinced — will be profitable in October.

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Here are the niches where you should drive traffic flows to in the second month of fall:

Important! Always pay attention to the GEOs which your affiliate programs target. For this article, we have chosen countries from the WW (worldwide) category: Europe, USA, India. However, some programs have prefixes that help you determine which country the program belongs to (for example, It for Italy, Pl for Poland, In for India).

Getting ready for the cold times

Winter is coming. The weather starts getting sick in October, inviting long rains and even frosts. And we all know we should mend our sails while the weather is fine. So, everything suggests it’s time to prepare warm clothes.

Traditionally, demand for in-between-season apparel — including sweaters, warm pants, woolen coats, overcoats, and jackets — jumps in October. Moreover, the accessories bought last season are worn out a little, and people need new scarves, caps, and gloves. Don’t forget shoes, umbrellas, raincoats — the rainy-fall essentials.

To make affiliate links to warm clothes look native in your texts, create selections to compare different models. People love such content. You can go with texts like “Top 10 fancy women’s coats this season” or “Funny yet comfy and warm caps for kids and teens”. Remember that those must be quality texts with helpful information rather than just a pack of links.

Programs: Private Sport Shop, Sunsky, Zaful, Gap, Yousporty, Ericdress, Macy’s, TomTop.

Making home sweet

People may get sad by the middle of fall. People don’t want to leave their homes. It’s way better to muffle up in a warm blanket, pour a cup of cocoa, and dive into favorite games, books, or movies. This sounds too stereotypical but stereotypes derive from reality, and fall mood is fall mood.

Advertisers and marketers make much use of those whims and caprices that appear in fall. We advise you to follow this way. Offer home products that will make the dwelling place cozier and rainy nights friendlier — those include blankets, coffee machines, books, bag chairs, and dimmed-light lamps. Family activities are a great option, as playing a console game with close people is much fun. October is the highest season for gaming, so drive traffic to online games. 

You may not want to disregard goods for adults. However, you should be careful with the websites you are going to use to source traffic. Adult ads are far from being any-place-suitable.

Take care not only of the body and soul but the home itself. Heated floors and insulated windows are what people need when the coldest season is coming. They need it even if they do not realize they need it.  

Programs: Abebooks, Yeppon It, Geekmall It, Hunkemoller, Sunsky-online, GearBest, BestBuy US, Americanas, Rakuten Fr, Eneba, World of Tanks, Warframe, Audiobooks.

Home delivery

Not that we got too lazy during the lockdown. But, frankly, it’s not much pleasure to go grocery shopping when it’s rainy and windy outdoors. This brings us to a fair idea to order goods with home delivery, especially that most services offer yummy and healthy veggies and fruit. As good reason to treat yourself as any. 

This is not limited to groceries. Drug delivery can be very helpful. Just imagine a man who catches a cold; he doesn’t want to leave the bed, but he has to take some drugs and brew a herbal tea. Courteous couriers will get herbs and medicines straight to the door! The publisher needs to remind people that convenient home delivery is more than affordable and available nowadays.

Speaking of, people tend to order services without leaving their homes. Those include online education, physician consults, freelance services for businesses.

Programs: Farmacia Loreto Gallo It, Loreto Gallo, Foodspring, McDonalds In, Freshly US, Preply, Medlife In, Pharmeasy, LuckyVitamin, Skillshare, Byjus In.

Celebrating Halloween

Remind people of Halloween that comes in late October. Though there won’t be large-scale celebrations, but a bit partying in these hard times won’t go amiss.

People will need masks, accessories, fancy and weird shoes, and makeup stuff.  As for costumes, we suggest diversifying ads depending on the customer income level. Some will want to get a costly and classy suit from a famous brand, while others will feel great with a cheaper suit from a Chinese store. Think about how you could segment your audience — and ads — based on income levels.

Programs: Geekmall It, Yeppon It, AliExpress, Rosegal, GearBest.

Country-specific programs


In October (on October 12 to be more accurate), the Americans celebrate Columbus Day. The celebration is usually accompanied by short but massive sales. Different stores — from apparel to books and toys — drive down prices, offering up to 70% off. Let people know about those deals, and secure grand earnings that will land on your account on October 12.

Programs: Romwe, Snapfish, GearVita, Cyber Florist, Fernsnpetals, Joom, DHGate.


The Chinese celebrate the middle of fall in October. This poetically-romantic holiday is a reason to gladden close people with heartwarming gifts and a celebration.

Programs: Aliexpress, IGP, Floraexpress.


From October 2 to October 9, the Israeli celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. Tasty food, fancy clothes, and, of course, gifts, are native attributes of the week.

Programs: Banggood, Ivory, iHerb, Lovelywholesale.

Europe and UK

Europeans continue to enjoy the resumed soccer season. Besides, matches of the UEFA Europa League’s group stage take place in October. Drive traffic to tickets for various GEOs.

On October 12, Spain celebrates the Fiesta Nacional de España. People have fun and buy each other nice presents.

Programs: Last minute, Ticketmaster Pl, Tiqets, Bonprix, Alibaba.

We wish you a fruitful, profitable October! And may we remind you there are two more profitable events awaiting publishers in November: 11.11 is Bachelor’s Day on AliExpress, 27 November — Black Friday. Stay tuned, and we will definitely tell you more.

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