21 Apr 2021

Affiliate programs popular in May


We can now state it confidently: warm, sunny days are here. This brings inspiration and, as we hope, earnings. We will tell you what products and services you should promote in May to gain well.

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What we have in our possession is some traditional May events, and some less obvious yet promising opportunities.

Important! Always watch the geography of affiliate programs. This text mainly comprises worldwide programs, but there are still some programs for specific regions. You can recognize them by region tags. For instance, ES for Spain, IN for India, PL for Poland, US for the US, etc.


Early in May, many European, African, American, and Asian states celebrate Mother’s Day. Remind the users of this event and invite them to buy gifts beforehand. Flowers, books, hobby stuff, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, homewares, and food delivery—pick programs that would work best for your target audience, its interests, and wealth.

On May 26, Indians celebrate Buddha’s Birthday, which can also be an occasion for heartwarming presents. In Israel, Shavuot is celebrated on May 16-17. This is a pilgrimage holiday full of festive meals, home decorations, and gift exchanging.

Programs: Ivorse, Freshly, Dreivip ES, Drop, Adorama, Best Buy US, GearBest, DHgate, Swarovski, AliExpress, Sunsky-online, MyTrendyPhone, Abebooks.

Exams, graduations

First weeks of summer is the time when students take final exams, and they always require preparation. Offer schoolchildren, students, and their parents something that would broaden and solidify knowledge they acquired during the academic year. Online education services, courses, and tutors will come in handy.

Graduations also fall on this period. Despite the pandemic, parents will be motivated to secure some celebrations for their children. Again, invite the users to stock up with dresses, suits, jewelry, cosmetics, and gifts. As the big days come closer, turn the focus on flowers and food delivery.

Programs: Blinkist, Preply, Coursera, Skillshare, Ericdress, Priceelf, Berrylook, Chicme, Lovelywholesale, Fairyseason, Floryday, Basicslife IN, StudentBeans IT.


We know this category has been around for a long time, but it keeps yielding great profit for the publishers driving traffic to such programs. 

The concepts are the same: seeds, gardening gear, building materials, watering equipment, plant disease remedies, soils, grass plots (users often search for them in May, so consider contextual ads). Last but not least, picnic goods: BBQ, grills, furniture, outdoor activities, sports.

Focus on the programs of tool and DIY shops and certain products (via deeplinks). Even if a user lands on a store following your deeplink to a certain product but then buys not that product but another one, from the same store, the purchase will be attributed to you. Affiliate marketing can be very friendly to publishers. 

Programs: vidaXL US, Banggood, Geekbuying, Fernsnpetals, AliExpress.

End of Ramadan

This year, Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the day that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan, on May 12. Food and meal delivery services will meet traffic flows again.

People always gladden each other with gifts when Ramadan ends. Turn customer attention to prayer rugs, fancy dresses, home and interior products, appliances and electronics, and jewelry. You are going to get most traffic from the regions mostly inhabited by Muslims.

Programs: Hunkemoller, Adorama, Rugs US, Bodum, Knowfashionstyle, Gearbest, Lightinthebox, Lenovo, Boutique Feel.

Other events

If you see warm days come, you may want to start your pre-summer fitness program to make your body shine while you sunbathe or swim. Complement customers’ intentions with relevant offers: sessions, beauty gadgets, sports apparel, and healthy diets.

Programs: Foreo, Obe Fitness US CA, Lululemon US, Onnit US, Streetprorunning ES, Aaptiv, Foodspring, Himalaya Wellness IN, Netmeds IN, Farmacia Loretto Galo IT.

Some people hate abstaining from what they love. For them, International No Diet Day, which is celebrated on May 6, will be a great excuse to have some delicious treats.

Programs: QualityFood AE, Romwe US, Rakuten FR, Americanas.

Resident Evil: Village will be released on May 7th. Remind gamers about this and drive traffic to computer games stores.

Programs: Fanatical, Eneba, Kinguin, Xbox Store.

We wish you to find the hottest programs this May!

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