16 Jun 2021

Affiliate programs popular in July 2021

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We still have to live with the adjustment that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. The fact remains, coronavirus has affected our vacations, public events, and consumer demand… We have considered all these factors and now can tell you what programs and verticals to drive traffic to in July to gain profit.

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This month’s all about summer vacations, online education, apparel and shoes sales, the Olympic Games, and something else. 

Important! Always watch the geography of affiliate programs. This text mainly comprises worldwide programs, but there are still some programs for specific regions. You can recognize them by region tags. For instance, ES for Spain, IN for India, PL for Poland, US for the US, etc.

Vacations and leisure

Despite the coronavirus-related restrictions that are still in force in most regions, people want to recreate. And they will. Today’s most demanded travel and leisure segments are domestic resorts and agritourism. 

European countries are lifting quarantine restrictions. Bars and restaurants are back to work in France and Austria. It encourages people to travel within their country. Vaccination is in full play in the US and Canada, enabling people to leave their cities and set off for cross-country journeys. Lastly, some European countries (such as Spain) are already open to vaccinated tourists.

Though air travel between Europe and the US and UK is impaired, there are lots of places to spend a holiday in each of these countries.

Address users who haven’t planned their vacation yet. Most people had to postpone their trips due to the pandemic. Besides, everyone seeks chances to save money today, so you may want to promote value deals and economy travel.

Programs: Uniplaces, Hotelscombined, Marriott, BookVip, NH-Hotels, Eurail, Secret Escapes UK, Italia rail, Priceline, Alamo US, Go2See.

Education for adults

Summer is the time when schoolchildren and students leave their classrooms, but it’s totally different for working people. Since the majority of professional fields are less loaded in the summer months,  people will try to use the time they have for personal growth. 

Popular activities are developing professional competencies and hard skills, e.g., programming, digital professions, data science, design, languages.

Drive traffic to online education, career enhancement programs, training sessions, and courses. Offer discounts, design motivating creatives and content. You can invoke stories of people who have changed their specialty or got promoted. 

Programs: Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Preply, Future Learn, Babbel UK, edX


Sales start in late summer. Apparel, shoes, accessories, perfumes, swimsuits—items are offered at favorable prices. Inform fashion connoisseurs about hot deals in every possible way: social media, content projects, email newsletters, landing pages, banners infused with catchy CTAs.

To find the best programs, seek landing pages, coupons, and promo codes that advertisers offer. Companies and brands usually place all those in the affiliate program catalog. 

Programs: Hunkemoller, Streetprorunning ES, Gunt ES NL, Perfumes Club, Ego Shoes UK, Lovelywholesale, Coltortiboutique, Knowfashionstyle, H&M, Macy’s, ChicMe.

Summer heat

When summer heat knocks on the door, people want to buy something that would cool them down. Demanded items include air conditioners, swimming pools and accessories, portable fridges, thermal bags. 

Also, people want to spend more time outside, so get ready for a higher demand for country house rental and garden furniture, including wholesales for out-of-town hotels and camping areas. 

Programs: Homebase UK, Leopard ES, Cox&Cox UK, Submarino, AliExpress, Geekbuying, JoyBuy.

The Summer Olympics

Rescheduled for 2021 due to the pandemic, the Summer Olympic Games are to take place in Tokyo from July 23 to August 8. This is a great event for driving traffic to sports goods, food delivery (people will watch games with snacks), fan stuff, and online training sessions. 

Don’t go too broad, engaging all users: not everyone is a sports enthusiast. Seek your target audience on sports forums and portals, social media communities, messenger channels; show contextual ads to people looking for Olympics-related information. 

Programs: Fanatics, Gaiam US CA, Adidas BR, Obe Fitness US CA, Nike, Private Sport Shop FR, Go-Sport PL

Holidays and events by country

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 in the United States. Not only is this the event to celebrate at family dinners and parties (which are your chance to lead traffic to food and groceries delivery, BBQ gear, garden furniture, interior decorations, and fireworks), but it’s also the time for sales and discounts. 

Invite people to buy some top-brand things with good discounts—as a gift for themselves or close people.

Programs: Nap, Onnit US, Best Buy US, Banggood, Shein, Romwe US.

France will also celebrate a great national holiday, Bastille Day, July 14. Meanwhile, July 21 is Belgian National Day. Use these events to drive traffic to the categories we have already mentioned for the US (but don’t forget to switch the region!).

Programs: DHGate, Rakuten FR, Lovelywholesale, Yeppon IT, eBay, Drop, Sunsky.

Also, on July 16-18th there will be British Grand Prix F1 Race, so offers like F1 Store and Mercedes-Benz Formula E-team are going to be relevant.

We wish you waterfalls of traffic in July!

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