28 May 2020

Admitad Bot for Telegram: how to create affiliate links via your messenger

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You can now create affiliate links on your smartphone using the Telegram messenger. A special bot was created for his purpose ― just send it a link to the advertiser’s website, and you will receive an affiliate link in return. Let us tell you how the Admitad Bot works and what other functions it has.

The bot is a tool for creating affiliate links, a follow-up to the browser extension Admitad Extension, with which many of the publishers are already familiar. The Admitad Extension is made for the desktop computer, but the Telegram Bot is can be used both on a computer and a smartphone.

What you need to use the bot:

  1. Be registered at Admitad as a publisher (in Lite or PRO version). How to do that and the difference between the versions is described in the article “Admitad Extension. Lite and PRO“.
  2. Install the Telegram application on your smartphone (if you did not have it before).
  3. Search for @admitad_bot or install it by clicking on the link.

Great, now you can start working with the bot.

Beginning your work

Send the start command, see the description, get registered
In the end of the detailed description you’ll see the button Log in ― click it
You will be suggested to log in or sign up on the website 

After adding the bot, you will see a greeting and one button “Start”; when clicked, the button will send the “Start” command to the bot. In the first message, the bot will tell you what it can do and will suggest you log in to the Admitad publisher account (which you already registered on the website or through the Admitad Extension) or sign in. 

At the second stage you will be asked to select one of the sites that you indicated earlier during registration in PRO mode on the Admitad website.

If you registered in the Lite mode (for example via browser extension), the bot will automatically set the site [login]_LiteAdSpace and notify you about this. Everything is ready, you can start creating affiliate links.

Login in PRO mode and options to choose Ad Space 
After login in Lite mode you will see the following message. You cannot choose other Ad Space or change website if you have less than one ad space in your Lite account

Now it is time to look closer at the main functions of the Bot. Go back to the first message or type in /help command and send it to the bot. 

The list ot the Bot’s functions. You can see them if you send /help command to the Bot.

Creating affiliate links

Depending on whether you are connected to the affiliate program in Lite or PRO mode, the links created by the bot will vary. If you are working with Admitad as PRO, the link will look like fas.st, if you are working as Lite ― lite.al. The bot will understand whether the selected site is connected via PRO mode, and if not, it will automatically generate the Lite version.

In order to turn a regular link into an affiliate link, you just need to send it to the bot in a message. It will automatically generate a deeplink, that is, a link to the particular page that you sent. The link will be shortened, however, when you click on it, the link will “expand” to its full length, and the user will see which website you are taking him to.

Lite and PRO modes generate links the same way, you just need to send them a usual link on any page of the website.
If there is no affiliate programs in Admitad you will see the following message.

Check the difference between Lite and PRO modes. You can see that in the first case Bot tells you that you are working with Admitad Lite and the link looks like lite.al/…, and in the second case (when you are connected to the program straight through Admitad) the link looks like fas.st/… If there is no affiliate programs for Lite or PRO mode the Bot will tell.

Multiple links generator

If you wish to generate several affiliate links at a time – send them in one message, separated by space. The only limitation is the length of the message you send – according to the Telegram conditions, it cannot exceed 4096 characters.

The Bot will send you several deeplinks for each link and show which program each deeplink belongs to. and whether it is Admitad Lite or PRO program.

You can also check whether the affiliate link works if you send it to the bot. You can use the bot to check full links, as well as the ones shortened with the use of the Admitad service Shortlink (the link should look like fas.st/...).

If the link is valid you’ll see green tick icon. You can shorten it with Shortlink tool or get a new short one via Bot or Extension
If the link is invalid you’ll see red cross icon. Better use Link Checker in your account or make a new one 

Creating SubID

The bot allows you to add SubID tags to the links, which is required for tracking the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns. In PRO mode, you can add up to four tags in one link, in Lite mode (if you are not directly connected to the affiliate program) – one tag.

In order to add tags you should list them after the link separated by space. If you try to add four tags while working in Lite mode, the bot will automatically create only one tag, the one that came first after the link. All tags added to the link will be listed in the response message from the bot. Be careful: you won’t be able to add tags when creating affiliate links in bulk, so in order to create SubID send links one at a time.

Hot Products in AliExpress affiliate program

If you are connected to the AliExpress affiliate program in PRO mode (meaning that you indicated the site and passed moderation), then you have access to the Hot Products tool. Hot Products is a selection of goods for which the advertiser pays an increased rate.

If you send a link to the product in the Hot Products category to the bot, it will point it out in the response message and show the commission rate for this particular product.

If you are working with the AliExpress offer in Lite mode, you can also create affiliate links, but the Hot Products indicator and rate will not be displayed.

Changing account or website

The links that you send to the bot are generated for the account and site that you specified. If you want to log in to another account or replace the website, just click on the slash icon in the message bar. The drop-down list will show you a list of commands: change ad space, log out of the Admitad publisher account or open a list of all the bot’s features (skills list). The same functions can be accessed with the use of commands /changewebsite (to change the site), /logout (to change accounts) and /help (to call the assistant) – just send them to the bot in a text message.

Do not forget to change the sites and accounts if necessary, since if the tags in the link do not match the data specified in the account, the advertiser has the right to reject the actions of the publisher (especially in the PRO mode if the advertiser moderates each site before connecting).

You can find additional information on the landing page of the tool or in the help center for publishers

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